Thursday, September 15, 2005

Product Placement - Top 5

With great trepidation, and aware of the knowledge that praising an object is the best way to cause it to malfunction, I am going to make a list of purchases that I am happy with. This is not a list of 'best deals' I got, but a list of items that I have spent some money on, and those things have done exactly what I expected them to do, do it well, without any problems, and do not take much effort to maintain.

Mezba's Top 5

  1. My Sony MiniDisc (MD) MP3 player.

    I use it during my gym workouts, walks, while mowing the lawn, and generally many physically demanding situations. I used it on my old car with the adaptor. It's the best.

  2. Kodak East Share Digital Camera and accessories.

    We brown people are generally not white (hence the term brown). Fair and Lovely and other 'whitening' products make a fortune in Asia. I never understand why white people want to tan themselves silly. You want my (ahem) tanned skin? If only we could exchange skins!

    Why this diatribe? This Kodak camera takes the best pictures - especially outdoors. It beats far more expensive digital camera with German sounding brand lenses. And it even turns brown people into beige - very good for showing off later.

    You don't have to say, "Ya, that's me in front of the White House - I'm the dark spot there."

  3. Lagaan/Dil Chahta Hai DVD.

    One is an Oscar nominated movie about cricket. The other is a brilliant coming of age movie starring one of my favorite actresses (Priety Zinta). I saw it with 3 close friends during our final year of college - thus the parting and reunion of friendship portrayed in the movie had special significance for all of us.

  4. Gravel vacuum.

    I have a 65 gallon aquarium (that's the bigger one). Cleaning it (even though once a month) used to be a chore. Especially water changes, when I would have to drain 1/3rd the water. Jug in water, fill jug, pour water in bucket, repeat. 100 times. The gravel vacuum made life so much easier. Put in water, shake, stand back. And it was on sale for only 3 bucks.

  5. This t-shirt.

    I just love this one. It fits me so well. Perfect.

Why make this list. Because I want to talk about something mundane for a change. Everyday life is taken for granted so much, sometimes it's good to pause and chill out for a while.

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