Friday, June 08, 2018

Brooks Farm - Good Day Out with Kids

As summer is here and the weather is gorgeous, we are always keen to find out things to do with kids outdoors, even if it is Ramadan.

So what if it's hot and we can't drink, we can take the kids out for a picnic. Summer is something rare here and we had a good stretch of nice weather in May.

One of the places we took the kids out was to Brooks Farm. It's about half an hour drive up north, and the farm has a lot of activities for kids.

You can meet with some animals, take a wagon ride on the vast estate, go fruit picking (starting mid June), climb on to fire trucks, or jump in vast haystacks.

There's zip lining (for kids!) and even a mini water/splash park. Of course the most fun was jumping on the giant trampolines!

So do check it out. It's just a short drive from anywhere in Toronto.



nadia said...

Children could spend hours in that farm! Also, someone couldn't resist the Titanic pose :)

mezba said...

The titanic post is a must, Nadia.