Monday, August 15, 2016

Western Canada Diaries - 4. Calgary Olympic Plaza

[ Continued from Part 3 - Calgary ]

Olympic Plaza is a beautiful square in downtown Calgary, great for a leisurely walk or stroll, or for spending time people watching.

A rabbit was munching lazily on some grass in the park. 

 It's quite popular with office workers during the lunch hour, and was built in 1988 for the Olympics as a site for the medal presentation ceremonies.

Beautiful flowers lined the square in every direction.

Even the Duck Dynasty was out in full force.

A shot of the Calgary Tower in the distance.


Driving to the park from the suburbs can be a challenge, with the buildings and cloud cover sometimes hindering GPS - not to mention one way streets and streets that aren't really streets but LRT tracks!

Overall you can budget about two hours to spend some time on a nice afternoon at this park when you are in Calgary, especially if you are there to see the rest of downtown such as Calgary Tower.

Photos taken with an old Android phone camera.

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nadia said...

The park looks beautiful!

mezba said...

Nadia, it's a well maintained park right in the heart of the city.