Monday, March 23, 2015

Cricket World Cup 2015 Semi Final Predictions

Only one match remains between four teams and the World Cup final. The best four teams are in the semi finals, and each match remains too close to call. Before going into the semi final predictions, let's see how I did with the quarter final predictions.

Sri Lanka vs. South Africa
This one was a complete surprise as Sri Lanka did not even put up a fight. Just like the final four years ago, Sri Lanka show up to a knock out game and try to change things that worked for them throughout. What was the need to change their opening combination? And why did they try to go for pinch hitting at the top of the order when every team has tried to block and preserve wickets initially this world cup? We'll never know now, as South Africa simply walked over them while Sri Lanka chocked. In effect, they pulled a South Africa ... on South Africa.

Bangladesh vs. India
This game will always be known for the crucial umpiring errors that ALL went in favour of India at crucial moments of the game; the most famous of them being the no-ball-that-wasn't called. At that time India was well under the cosh, being bullied by Bangladesh and denied the runs, and then Rohit Sharma got caught. Alas! The umpire called a no-ball when it clearly wasn't. Raina was later not given LBW by the slimmest of margins. And finally, Bangladesh's in form batsman, Mahmudullah was declared out when it was a six, caught at the boundary. India was the stronger team and deserved to win, but their victory will always have a huge question mark.

Pakistan vs. Australia
We'll never know what could have happened had Rahat not dropped Watson off Wahab Riaz, but Pakistan was always against it when their batsmen flopped (again).

New Zealand vs. West Indies
Another game that went according to form. Poor West Indies!


New Zealand vs. South Africa
This game is too close to call. New Zealand has the best opening bowlers, but South Africa has capable top order batsmen, led by Amla. South Africa has no proper fifth bowler, but New Zealand doesn't have a McCallum down the order. New Zealand has never gone past the semi final stage, but neither has South Africa. I have a feeling South Africa will win - it just seems to be their year.

India vs. Australia
I am going to go out on a limb here and say India will win. The bowlers are good on either side, but India has the advantage in batting. They have batsmen who can build an innings and then explode, whereas most of Australia's batsmen, Clarke and Steven Smith notwithstanding, are one dimensional. India also has the edge in the spin department. Overall, advantage India, but again too close to call.


Ravi Krishna said...

This is what the relevant law is:

4. Fielder beyond the boundary

A catch shall not be made and a Boundary 6 shall be scored if after the ball has been struck by the bat a fielder
(i) has some part of his person touching or grounded beyond the boundary when he catches the ball, or after catching it subsequently touches the boundary or grounds some part of his person beyond the boundary while carrying the ball but before completing the catch as defined in Law 19.4.


What Dhawan did was display of quick presence of mind. This was the sequence of events:

1 - Dhawan caught the ball while still inside the boundary -> legal
2 - He threw the ball up and by doing that ensured that he has still not caught the ball -> legal (see note below )
3 - He stepped one leg outside the boundary and came back in immediately while the ball was still in the air -> legal
4 - He finally caught the ball inside the boundary. The catch is deemed at this point and not at (1) described above.

All legal.

I understand that BD qualifying for QF is once in a life time event for many and perhaps their greatest achievement in any walk of life. But to make unnecessary tamasha of a conspiracy is a joke.

Rohit Sharma no ball was a bad deal to BD. Granted. But then it happens in all games. Just like Jordan's bad run out helped BD win the match against Eng and qualify for the QF.

note: It is considered legal if a fielder, just at the boundary line, catches the ball and throws it up in air to let someone else complete the catch, while himself running out of the boundary. There have been cases of such catches. Dhawan did that.

Ravi Krishna said...

Pakistan had their aukat finally exposed. Mediocre batting, horrible fielding and bowling relying on one guy. They should be happy that they made it to QF.

Thanks for tipping India, but I think this will be the end of WC for India. Beating Aus in front of 90,000 supporters will be one heck of a task.

LivSports said...

South Africa Lost
India Lost (heartbreaking)

NZ and Aus will be in the finals.

Going to root for NZ.