Thursday, July 10, 2014

World Cup 2014 Final Predictions

And then there were two: Germany, and Argentina.

If you go back to my very first set of predictions, I had picked Argentina to win. They are now one match away from proving me right.

There are basically three reasons why Argentina should win.

1) Messi
2) Messi
3) Messi

There is absolutely no logical reason Germany should NOT win the cup. They have been the team of the tournament so far.

Best goalkeeper in the world? Neuer. Check.
Best midfield/defender in the world? Schweinsteiger. Check.
Best striker in the world? Mesut Ozil, Klose, Podolski, Muller. Check, check, check and check.
Best support cast in the world? Khedira. Hummels. Boateng. Check, check, and yes, check.

The team oozes class from every position, and their dynamic, fast, attacking tempo of football is easy on the eyes and effective on the score sheet. They took apart Brazil (oh, how they took apart Brazil!) as if they were playing a school team. Germany is the #2 ranked team (and #1, Spain, is out in the first round). There is absolutely no footballing reason why Germany shouldn't win the cup.

And yet, Messi.

I have been picking Argentina to win simply because of a gut feeling, and because I was listening to my heart, not my head. But there are a few logical reasons why it's not a slam dunk for Germany.

Messi. He draws 2-3 defenders to him immediately as he nears the goal, thus creating space for others. And the genius of the man is that he still finds a way to pass or create space for himself despite the extra attention. And his support cast hasn't been bad either.

There has been a quiet steely resolve to Argentina this time. They haven't gone behind in any match, and in no match at all did they ever look to be in trouble or under pressure. And crucially, luck has favoured them just when they needed it (the 90th minute Holland chance - their first - comes to mind). They seem to have genuinely gelled as a team, and want to win it not just for Messi, but for their country. Yet they haven't let their passion or emotions drive them crazy (unlike Brazil).

Thus. Prediction: Argentina.


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