Sunday, February 07, 2010

"Where in the World" Photo Contest - Round 3

So, I am one of 'Liya's "Where In The World" Photo Contest Bloggers. Here's the Round 3 picture, and you have to guess which city it's from. This is the final round.

It's really easy!

The answer to my Round 2 is now published.

You can check the answers to other pictures at Liya's blog (original pics here).


'liya said...

V and I both think it's in Vegas because Paris seems too obvious and I think I see what looks like an American flag near the bottom of the pic!


Anonymous said...

eiffel tower in paris

Anonymous said...

The Eiffel Tower! In Paris of course!

Farah said...

Paris! Eiffel Tower!

mystic-soul said...

I am sure you are not asking Paris (or is it that easy?).

Is this Las vegas?

Sahne said...

La Tour Eiffel, Paris =)

mezba said...

The correct answer is Vegas. This Eiffel tower is part of the hotel Paris in Vegas and is 1/3 the height of the real one in Paris.

Congratulations to V and Liya, and mystic-soul, who got the answers.

There are two clues. First is the American flag that Liya spotted.

Second, the Eiffel tower in Paris is by itself. If you look at the pictures of the tower and its base in this post, you will see there is no object between the "legs" of the Eiffel tower (in particular this picture).

And in this post, take a look at the Vegas hotel Paris's Eiffel tower. Notice the tower is situated OVER the hotel (here).

btw I did promise in this post of Liya's that I will post an Eiffel tower picture! :-D