Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Luminato 2009

This Sunday, Geeki and I, along with a few of our friends, went downtown to visit the Luminato Arts festival.

Of course art isn't really my thing - I mean what are those rags hung on a fence supposed to represent? - but as they say, it's art. Plus, it's all corporate financed so I don't think the city (and taxpayers) are paying a lot - and I can live with that.

There was this drummer (picture above) who was playing his beats on the new wavefront deck opened along the waterfront, and people from the crowd were beginning to join in. I was thinking if Anu Malik was here, he would copy that tune.

One of the exhibits was the 1000 tastes of Ontario. You pay 5 bucks for a coupon and you can trade in that coupon at any of the food vendors at that exhibit for whatever they are selling. The 1000 tastes of Ontario included Lebanese shawarma and mango lassi! We are truly multi cultural.

FYI, the mango lassi was 5 bucks. FIVE BUCKS!!! What a ripoff. Even the over priced Lahore Tikka charges less for theirs. Only white people could be seen having the lassi. I wonder what they were thinking.

"Oh these poor brown people. Their food is so expensive! No wonder they are so poor!"

As evening commenced we made our way to the HTO grounds. There were already a lot of people on that hill, awaiting the free performance by Cirque du Soleil.

As I said, notice the crowd, its multiracial. When it comes to appreciating good FREE stuff it's not just brown people who are there.

Look at the stage (picture above). I know we have to be green and all that, but whoever planted a tree in front of the stage should be FIRED.

Show started late - 9 o clock was the start time and they started closer to 10! - we desis are slowly taking over Toronto with our punctual habits. They said it was due to rain or something. Once the show started though, it was quite good.

Actually, this one show was quite awesome. The circus acts were entertaining, the music fast paced and over all, quite a good finale. I would return next year.


nadia said...

lol @ Anu Malik copying the tune; haven't heard about him in ages.

It's mango + it's a lassi, hence 5 bucks. I wont buy such expensive lassi myself.

If it were a desi setting, spectators would've climbed that tree in front of the stage already.

mezba said...

Nadia: you know, we DID see someone climb up the tree!!! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Haha, Anu Malik!

Anonymous said...

The show started a bit slow, but got better and better throughout and overall I was really impressed :)

shaz said...


'liya said...

We were so busy the past weekend I didn't get to do anything :( The nly thing we saw was this:

(that's not my pic)

Brainsmoke said...

Wow your pics came out really good! Mine were crap, but then again I took them with my cell camera :p As GS said it picked up towards the end, you missed some good parts :)