Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kinds of Studiers For Exams

At last all my exams are done. I can finally enjoy what’s left of the summer for the next 3 weeks.

I have realized that there really are four different kinds of studiers for exams.

There’s me – the Last Minute-r. I mean, sure there’s THREE WEEKS till the exams, great! Plenty of time. Oh, I see, only one weekend left. That’s ok. I will study on Sunday. Saturday is for having fun. Oh, I haven’t seen this episode of Star Trek. Oh GREAT… only one night left. Study. Panic. Study. Repeat.

Then there’s the Do-You-Know-ers. They will pop up every hour on MSN (after all, can’t have studies without being on MSN, right?) and say “Hey did you study the WACC equalization theory?” and you are shitting in your pants going WHAT WACC EQUALIZATION THEORY and they go “here it’s mentioned on a side note in chapter 21 subsection 14-5” and it’s marked “not on exam”. While you are fuming they will then add “oh it’s just interesting to know”.

Then there’s the “I-am-skipping-that”-ers. Basically, whenever you buzz them with “Psst.. how do you solve chap 10 qn 23” they will reply with “Oh I am skipping that”. You wonder course after course how they pass.

Finally, there’s the “I-know-a-guy”-er. For some reason, this dude ALWAYS has a collection of past papers for the last ten years of this course, sorted by difficulty and sub sorted by professor, along with answer keys. You always wonder HOW on earth he does it when NO ONE can find any past paper and his answer always is “I know a guy”. Of course then the actual exam has NOTHING in similarity to the past paper because they changed the book (yet again) or the prof, and you fume at the time you wasted. Yet the very next course once again you will go to him.

Ok, now I can have my life back.


isheeta said...

"I can finally enjoy what’s left of the summer for the next 3 weeks. "

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, Mezba, but I have to break this up to you:

There was no summer this year, and I don't see how there will be any in the next 3 weeks.


Better off with the books!

'liya said...

I have two weeks before school starts... and there's so much I want to do still! :(

mezba said...

Isheeta, 'tis true this summer was one of the worst I remember. Started late, never showed up properly and even when it did, it rained and rained. I felt like the time we would go for holidays to Bangladesh in the monsoons - there can't be that much water left in the sky after all that snow we got in the winter!

Liya, heading to the Ex? Don't forget, Ramadan is next month so you will be much more restricted that way too.

Aisha said...

I fit none. I just spend the time studying a little each day.

I guess I'm a nerd kind of studier! :)

mezba said...

Aisha, you will be the one who could call others in the last minute to spread panic about some topic 90% of the class wouldn't have reviewed! :-D

Anonymous said...

I am a Last Minute-r. I like to think that I perform better under pressure!! :D (or atleast that's what I tell my mom when she screams at me that why I am not studying with exams just a couple of days away! :D )

mezba said...

Shysoul: yeah that's what I also told myself. But after the fiasco that was my last exam I told myself from next time, I am gonna be on top of studies!

ps. that happens end of every semester too.

Molly said...

This is going to sound pathetic but this post made me miss school.


I'm a freak.

mezba said...

Molly: It all SOUNDS good... but I am looking forward to when school ends!