Thursday, April 17, 2008

Facebook Friend Add Request

Overheard today on the bus:
Dude 1: "Man! I had like over 10 Add-as-Friend requests! I went through them and now there's only 1 request left ... it's been there over a month and I still haven't accepted it. I just don't WANT him to be added to my facebook!"

Dude 2: "Who's the request from?"

Dude 1: "It's from my Dad."


mousehunter said...

hahaha...I had the same request. I still can't figure out how he found out about facebook. But I accepted :)

M&M said...


i have heard of many ppl in that dilemma
1. ignore it
2. block em so ur parents cannot search u
3. verbally tell parents "no wayy mom ur not being added as my friend on my fb"
4. after blocking them and when are asked by their parents why they have not been added "oh i deactivated my account so i could study (since they blocked em lol they r unsearchable)"

Suroor said...

I wouldn't add my mum!

Molly said...

useless waste of existence.

thats my opinion.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Love this. The conversation I would most likely have is:

'I am on Facbook mum'
'Oh good!'
(Five minutes later)
'Facebook ki?' (What is Facebook?)


'liya said...

lol awww the poor dad!

Anonymous said...

The fact that parents are into facebook now is kinda freaky. In my opinion, parents should remain oblivious to high tech stuff, it makes eveything so much simpler

Anonymous said...

Hehehehehe! Well, I *pity* all you guys there! :D sf

mezba said...

mousehunter: lol thank God not a problem for me! But then, there's nothing really that I have to hide.

M&M: lol the things you hear on the bus if you position yourself right next to the interesting riders. Good tips!

Suroor: she knows about facebook too? wow.

Molly: naah.. you think? It has some uses I find.

Anon@9:43: athena, I presume?

liya: no kidding eh? btw now I know why I can't see some people's walls! *cough* limited profile *cough*

Anon@8:36: true, true and true!

sf: *grin*

Kristen Bjorg said...

What if the dad or mom were trustworthy,and the son or daughter knew that his or her parent(s) would not be going around snooping around in their private affairs?

What about"Trust"Gentlemen and Ladies?Does that not exsit,anymore?I for one,do trust my children and I desire for them to trust me.

Be 100% at all times is my advise to everyone.Never ever talk about anybody behind their backs,insted "tell'em".

Anonymous said...

Nope that wasn't me (Athena). My mom's been threatening to get facebook :(. I already have too many relatives (cousins, aunts, uncs) who are on facebook so I just got a whole new account for them :P. It's my family facebook account ;)

Molly said...

I think facebook is the devil. Really.

Stranger in this Dunya said...

LOL. Last time I saw my mum I explained to her what Facebook was and how you can share pics and she showed an interest, yikes! I quickly forgot about it and didn't remind her!

I don't see my mum often as we are abroad so what I have done is set up a private blog with photos of the kids for her - don't want her adding me on facebook and then getting my grandparents into it too! OMG!

Umm Ibrahim

mezba said...

Kristen: I think a little bit of privacy is required between parents and kids, but parents nowadays HAVE to mantain an online vigilence over their young kids. I shudder to see my ten year old cousin on Facebook - it was meant for college graduates!

Athena: Now THAT's a good idea!

Molly: hehe!

Stranger / UI: I guess no more internet "education" for your mom eh?