Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I am Muslim and I was NOT supporting Pakistan

After yesterday's cracker of a World Cup final (India vs Pakistan), I could not believe when Shoaib Malik, captain of the Pakistan team, took to the podium for the presentation ceremony and said this:
"First of all I want to say something over here. I want to thank you back home Pakistan and where the Muslim lives all over the world." [Youtube, 3:08].
Let me make one thing very clear to you, Mr. Malik. You are representing the PAKISTAN team. You are not representing the MUSLIMS all over the world.

It bugs me whenever Pakistanis assume that just because you are Muslim you are going to support their cricket team. Hello - NO! The Man of the Match was Irfan Pathan, an Indian, a Muslim (and son of a muezzin to boot).

Then again perhaps I should cut the Pakistanis some slack. They did just lose a humdinger of a match (the final of a World Cup) to their arch rivals. After all, Shahid Afridi did congratulate "all the Indian nations". I am sure the Cheehahah tribe north of Ontario would be happy to be acknowledged.

What a match! Oh, why was it on a Monday? And the star of the game for the losing side? A certain gentleman with this name.

Ah, what a shot! Then again, since I was rooting for India, this sort of headline on Cricinfo was not good.

Finally, Misbah fell.

Ah, you should have spelled your name a little differently! *cough* use a 'z' *cough*

On another note, after seeing a certain picture from the England-Australia game, I think I now know why Twenty20 cricket is gaining in popularity.


Anonymous said...

It was one heck of a game man. After all, who knows when India will bring a WC back home.

Regarding Shoaib's comment, yes it was out of the line to be saying that. He could have just thanked Pakistan fans in general. There's a lot of heat surrounding his post-game comments. Wonder what will come out of that.

Did you notice that after every boundary or a six or a wicket, the ranchy cheerleaders were entertaining the crowd...sometimes u wonder who the cheer was going for ;)


youngMuslimah said...

you were rooting for india? wohoo, i'm so happy we won!!

shoaib's comments were funny =)) i think he really didnt mean it. no offense to any pakistani, but their cricketers dont speak very good english..maybe it was just a confusion of words? Allahu'alam.

The Man of the Match was Irfan Pathan, an Indian, a Muslim (and son of a muezzin to boot).----> he's one cool dude :D

Anonymous said...

Do you know that the last picture was HARAAM???? ;) sf

mezba said...

Behbood: it was a splendid game. As far as I am concerned, this was the best World Cup in terms of splendid matches, good organization, crowd, results etc.

I don't think much is made of Shoaib's comments in Pakistan - they are used to such jingoism. But it has already ruffled feathers in India.

Haha about the cheerleaders.

Youngmuslimah: I usually don't have a set team to root for (for example I was supporting Pakistan in Pakistan versus New Zealand semi) but it was very wrong of Shoaib to assume all Muslims support Pakistan.

Sf: I put it up after Maghreb!