Saturday, June 03, 2006

World Cup Predictions

At the risk of ending up with egg on my face, here's my World Cup predictions.

First Round
Group A - Germany, Costa Rica.
Group B - England, Sweden.
Group C - Ivory Coast, Argentina.
Group D - Mexico, Portugal.
Group E - Czech Rep., Italy.
Group F - Brazil, Australia.
Group G - France, Switzerland.
Group H - Spain, Ukrain.

Germany vs. Sweden - Germany.
Ivory Coast vs. Portugal - Ivory Coast.
England vs. Costa Rica - England.
Mexico vs. Argentina - Argentina.
Czech Rep. vs. Australia - Czech Rep.
France vs. Ukraine - France.
Brazil vs. Italy - Brazil.
Spain vs. Switzerland - Spain.

Quarter Finals
Germany vs. Ivory Coast - Germany.
Czech Rep. vs. France - Czech Rep.
England vs. Argentina - England.
Brazil vs. Spain - Brazil.

Semi Finals
Germany vs. Czech Rep. - Germany.
England vs. Brazil - Brazil.

3rd Place
England vs. Czech Rep. - England.

Germany vs. Brazil - GERMANY.



neela said...

well, i'm hoping for holland to get through group c instead. and if you had watched how the japanese trashed the germans, you wouldn't have put up australia.

i'll be looking forward to nedved & co trashing the americans, and an iranian stunner this year. eeks! said...

We have added your blog @ Bangladesh Blogs Aggregator . Best of luck.

AT said...

hehehe...germany played horrible in the first match. If they keep that up, the cup will come back to Brazil for sure.

Shirazi said...

Close to mine.

The Bengali Fob said...

You should really update your World Cup predictions! Things have changed drastically after teams played just one game!

I don't think England has a chance advancing past the round of 16. Have you seen them play? The Czech would butcher the English if they met. Group B simply looks awful.

As for picking Ukraine. I don't think so. Tunisia and Saudi looked way better than Ukraine who got killed.

Brazil, France, Portugal, and ITaly got lucky in their first games. They could've been beaten.