Friday, January 06, 2006

Canada Is Gold

Members of Team Canada celebrate after winning the gold medal with a 5-0 victory over Team Russia at the World Junior Hockey championships in Vancouver Thursday, Jan. 5.

Team Canada's Kristopher Letang watches Russia's Nikolai Lemtyugov fall to the ice

Canada goalie Justin Pogge, right, shakes hands with Russian star Evgeni Malkin

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Zainub said...

Congratulation to Canada. I follow field hockey down here, and several times I've had the chance to watch Ice Hockey on telly (not live though or full matches, just 5 minutes clips and all that), I'd love to get more acquainted with the sport some day, when I have the time.

AT said...

Go Canada!

We really needed to win to get the spotlight again.

mezba said...

Thanks for your good cheer.

Canada's talent is one reason we keep coming up gold in ice hockey. The other countries can spend more money, have better training facilities and so on. Canada keeps producing the goods. Kind of like Pakistan and their cricket.